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Plant Biology


A person-centred personal development (PD) group is a an opportunity to encounter each other in way that deliberately upholds the attitudinal gestalt of genuinely empathic prizing. A PD group can be a rare experience of feeling highly present with a group of like minded people. I will be offering a Personal Development group (in 2024) for people interested in a person-centred experiential way of being. The group will meet online for 1.5 hours every fortnight for eight sessions . Please do contact me if you are interested in being a part of this group.

The Personal Development group will take place via Zoom. The group will be facilitated by Graham Westwell. The group will be deliberately small - with a maximum of 8 participants (and one facilitator). The fee for attending will be a one-off payment of £400, made prior to the first session, and will cover all eight scheduled sessions. The eight sessions will take place fortnightly over four months.

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